One week after the official launch of the VCPP, we received over fifty applications. The enthusiasm from our students is contagious!

Here are some quotations from their applications:

“I would love the chance to meet more international students. Additionally, I studied abroad in China during Spring 2011, so I understand how disorienting the transition can be initially. Luckily, while abroad I had some very helpful conversation partners who became some of my best friends. I would like the opportunity to give back”.

“As the child of immigrant parents, I have always been immersed in my heritage. However, I am also interested in the international community and want to interact with members of it as much as possible. I think it’s important to learn the perspectives of thse from other countries and it is a crucial part of being a global citizen. I want to become a virtual conversation partner because it would give me a chance to learn about other people and other cultures on a personal basis, rather than a purely academic theoretical one. Through this program, I hope to broaden my horizons and help international students transition into a life at William and Mary”.

“Undoubtedly, the Virtual Conversation Partner Program could also enefit me by providing me with such an invaluable experience of communicating with students of diversified backgrounds. As I am moving out of college and entering the real world, understanding people with diversified backgrounds is a must to survive in th real world. I truly believe this opportunity could equip me with better communication skills, as well as understandings of different people and culture”.